Dr Who Scarf Project

I have a friend, Jennifer, who loves the Dr. Who TV show. She expressed a desire to have the Dr. Who Scarf which is like a 10ft long knitted monstrosity. I guess he used it to measure things… In a moment of sheer “auntie” love madness (she is like a niece to me) I volunteered to make the scarf for her.


The original scarf was knitted but since I don’t knit I crochet we scoured the internet and found this pattern to go by:


I chose to use Vanna’s Choice yarns by Lion Brand. They have a wide variety of colors and the yarn is 100% acrylic – easy to care for, which is a plus for a college freshman. We went by this color chart:


Doctor Who Scarf – Season Twelve in Cascade 220 by Tara Wheeler

Ms. Wheeler has a number of patterns available. Her instructions can be found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/doctor-who-scarf—season-twelve-in-cascade-220

I used a size G crochet hook and although the patterns call for a single stitch, which closely resembles a knitted stitch I guess – remember, I crochet, I don’t knit. : )  I used a half double crochet stitch. It gave the scarf some texture and it made it a little lighter.

Colors and # of yarn skeins I used:

  • P – Purple        Color – 143    Skeins –  2
  • C – Beige         Color – 123    Skeins –  5
  • B – Honey        Color – 130    Skeins –  2
  • M – Mustard     Color – 158    Skeins –  2
  • R – Cranberry   Color – 180    Skeins –  3
  • X  – Olive          Color – 174    Skeins –  3
  • G – Gray          Color – 149    Skeins –  1

So, now it’s time to get started on the project. I got goofy one night and figured out the number of days left until Christmas, the number of rows in the scarf and how many rows I will have to crochet on a daily basis to make sure I have the scarf completed by Christmas. There are 832 rows, 179 days (from the day I started the scarf) until Dec 23rd, my targeted completion date. I want enough time to wash it before I throw it in a gift bag and give it to her on Christmas morning. That averages out to just under 5 rows per day. Totally doable!

After a couple of false starts…I got the scarf way to wide the first time so I tore it out and started again. It’s still too wide I think, but we are going with it. If she ever goes up north in the wintertime, she’ll appreciate it being a little wider! I also had to tear out two rows and redo them because I discovered I had missed a couple of stitches. No biggie and actually I am about 4 days ahead of schedule, which is a good thing because I usually have 3 or 4 crochet projects going at once and rotate working on them. More about the other projects in a bit.

So, here are a couple of beginning pictures of my Dr. Who Scarf. I will post more pictures as the scarf, and days, progress.

Thanks for reading my blog. Happy crocheting!



11 thoughts on “Dr Who Scarf Project

  1. I made this for my daughter for Xmas. I loved making it & she wears it constantly….especially in this winter weather, it came in very handy. Now I’m looking for that Dr. who purse I saw last fall….somewhere

  2. Since this translates well, I’m going to loom knit instead of crocheting this scarf 🙂 thanks for the idea.

    • Oh my gosh I don’t even remember! It’s been a while. I think it was about 25 or 30 chains. Probably about 2 oh my gosh I don’t even remember! It’s been a while. I think it was about 25 or 30 chains. I would say it depends on the size of hook your going to crochet with. Hope that helps. Good luck with your project!

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