Hello world! My name is Susan.

I created this blog as a place to post pictures and things related to my own art’s & crafts work. I crochet and I enjoy making a variety of things, mostly baby blankets and scarves. I also do paper piecing for scrapbook pages and greeting cards. I have recently become disabled and want to get into the art’s & crafts work even more so to keep me busy. I would eventually like to be able to sell the things that I make.

I enjoy all types of music, except rap – and even at that, gasp! there are a few rap-like songs that I like. Not much though, mostly I listen to good old county and rock & roll.

I like to read, mostly mysteries, some romance and cookbooks. Yes, I read cookbooks, the ones that put history in with their recipes. It’s good to know where a recipe comes from or how it affected someone’s life. I find that interesting.

I also dabble in writing, novels mostly – I suck at writing poetry! : )  I will save my writings for a different blog to be set up some day in the future. Maybe. ; )

Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you found something to inspire you. Have a great day!


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