Another Dr Who Scarf Update


I have 500 rows to go!! I am almost to the half way point! Actually, I think I’m about 84-85 rows from the midway point, but trust me, at this point who’s counting? Oh, yea, I am. LOL.

Here is Jenn modeling the scarf. As you can see it hangs to the floor on her. It’s actually about 5 or so inches off the floor. It’s over 8 ft long at this point. I have 99 days til my deadline of Dec. 23 to have it completed by, that’s so I have enough time to wash and dry it and throw it in a gift bag. Why not wrap it you say? Get real! LOL Maybe a big blue bag decorated like a Tardis? Oh, speaking of decorated like a Tardis….here’s Jenn’s costume from a recent anime convention. She’s a Tardis-within-a-Tardis!



4 thoughts on “Another Dr Who Scarf Update

  1. How is the Dr. Who scarf? I am thinking of making one for a friend and want to use the same Vannas yarn. I would love to know how long it turned out to be and how much yarn you used. Have a happy holidays.

    • Hi Jane, thanks for stopping by my little blog. The Dr Who scarf is still a work in progress. I am about just a little over half way through and the thing is already over 8 feet long. It’s ginormous as my niece says. I had to take a break from working on it for some personal reason, which is why I am behind, but it really goes fast when I am actually working on it. I manage to crochet 30-40 rows in a day, usually doing them in sections of 10 while I take a break from writing or other jobs. I will post a picture of it as soon as I have it done. As for how much yarn, I posted the list of colors and numbers for the Vanna White yarns that I used and I think the amounts that I posted are pretty close to what I actually used for the project, with the exception of the cream color. That one I needed to buy a extra skein of. When I am done I will update all of that information. If you do take on this project be prepared for it to take months to complete! I started this in July! Good luck with it and let me know if you have any other questions. Also let me know how your project turns out!


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