Moo, Himself

When I moved to Texas I had to give up my babies, my two cats, Sugar and Sabre. It broke my heart and I still find it very hard to talk about, even nearly three years later. Perhaps one day I will be able to, but not now.

That being said, I would like to share the cat in my life now. Moo.

Moo is my roommate’s cat, one of them, and He has adopted me as His human. He got His name because the spots on Him remind you of a black and white spotted cow. You can’t see them very well in these photos, maybe one day He will allow me to photograph His spots.

Here are some pictures of Mr. Moo.

Mr. Curious

Up close and personal…He was sitting on my desk waiting patiently…well, as patiently as He is able…for His cuddle time with me.  I got a head butt right after the picture was taken. He nearly knocked the phone out of my hand. Not that He cared, He wanted to cuddle.

The side profile….or else He’s giving me the cold shoulder. He wanted to be cuddled!

It was a very hot day here in Texas and just out of sight of the camera is a small fan on top of my dresser. He was right in the path of the fan’s breeze just snoozin’ away.


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