Rainy Day Side Project


As you know I have been hard at work on some Christmas projects, but I ran across this really cute idea on Pinterest.com and couldn’t resist giving it a try. The original craft came from the blog ‘Little Birdie Secrets’. (http://littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com/)

The project is a crocheted towel holder, similar to the towels that have the crocheted top, but this is totally separate from the towel. So you can use any towel that fits your kitchen decor. Here is the original post on the project:


The towel holder uses the half double crochet stitch, the crossed half double crochet stitch and the magic ring technique. All of the stitches are explained with photographic tutorial and it is really easy to master this stitch. (The magic ring technique, not so much. I’m still trying to master that one. LOL)

Here are some images of the towel holder I created this afternoon. Great project for a rainy day in Texas.



Once I finally mastered the crossed half double crochet stitch, then I started worrying about how the ends of the rows looked. I hit upon an idea to make them more uniform. At the end of the row I did slight modification of the chain two/turn dance. I chained one, then I turned and instead of doing just another chain one I did a half double crochet stitch in the last stitch of the previous row. This gave the ends a more uniform look to them. I continued with the rest of the instructions as they were. I think it turned out really well. I can see Christmas gifts on the horizon! LOL

Happy crocheting, y’all!


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